Kobatl Wine is an organic garage winery, working as an alternative wine farm with only fungus resilient grape varieties in the volcanic part of Styria – Austria. The 3.3 hectare organic winery is cultivated by Michael and his family. During his travels around the world to many different wine regions, he fell in love with natural and organic wines.

He found out that the area he comes from is one of the most unique wine regions of the world. Volcanic soil in combination with illyrian climate (transitional climate between mediterranean, alpine and pannonian climates) is the cornerstone of very unique wines.

The base of every wine is the soil on which the vines grow. Countless hours of handwork ensure excellent grape quality which are brought to the cellar by 100% handpicking in autumn.

With frugal and low intervention wine making, very unique wines arise. To be able to reflect the whole year in the wine, the wines stay unfiltered and unfined. Depending on the wine style, little to no sulfur is added.

The labels, designed by Michael himself, allude to the year the wine comes from and the character of the wine itself. As every vintage is different, the labels reflecting that vintage are going to be different too.

Pichla 31
8355 Tieschen