Cascina Alba Terra

Cascina AlbaTerra was born in 2016 from the meeting between Azienda Agricola Coffele and the Sulle Orme Onlus Association, which since 2005 manages in Fittà – a few kilometers from the Coffele wine estate – a community reality called to hospitality and charity, as well as generating the soul of the Multiforme Onlus social cooperative.

The Cascina AlbaTerra Cooperative aims to combine the profit aspects of a farm with the non-profit aspects of a social farm. 

The development project of a goat, sheep and other animal farm and the experimentation of organic crops and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques combine with a strong vocation to welcome, with the aim of reintegrating people who are experiencing moments of difficulties or facing personal recovery paths. All this is realized thanks to a close collaboration with the ASL and the local social services for the design of work placements aimed at assuming personal responsibilities, specific job skills, or aimed at promoting the achievement of economic autonomy of people who otherwise they would not be able to sustain themselves.

Every day, at Cascina AlbaTerra, we all work together to rediscover the old farming traditions and we try to combine them in an ever deeper synergy with modern cultivation techniques and organic production, to safeguard the environment and the ecosystem . Our primary goal? Finding the right place of Man in the perfect balance of nature, restoring dignity to those who seem to have lost their place in society.

Love for the land, sharing and living in a large community attentive to people find here a common space, a welcoming and generative space: of ideas, relationships, new lifestyles. 
Via Libertà, 53
Castelcerino di Soave 37038