Az. Agr. Raìca was founded by Cinzia Pelazza and is based in the province of Sassari, located in the northeastern part of Sardegna. (If you love Barolo and biodynamic wine, her name is hopefully familiar; she is part of the husband and wife duo behind Az. Agr. Eugenio Bocchino of La Morra, Italy.) The vineyard is located in Gallura known for its grey and pink granite soils, which allow for the most mineral expression of Vermentino. The strong maestrale wind moderates the summer heat and reduces humidity in the vineyard.  While the Mediterranean landscape here is quite different than that of their home in land-locked Piemonte, similar to Langhe, their vineyards in Sardegna are similarly privy to prominent shifts in temperature throughout the day, making the area even more piquant.

Grapes are biodynamically farmed and hand harvested.

All wines are fermented spontaneously, unfined and unfiltered. Sulphites: 25 mg/L max


Azienda Agricola Raìca

Via Stazzi Sarraiola, 9 – Fraz. San Giovannicchetto

07026 Olbia SS