radici e filari

Radici e Filari translates to “Roots and Rows”.

The estate is located in the Province of Cuneo (La Morra) Piemonte. There, they have 8.5ha of land and another 2.5ha in Asti. The estate is run by Emanuele Buganza, who took over from his father, Renato, who originally founded the estate in 1978. While the land has always been farmed organically, when Emanuele took over, they transitioned to biodynamic farming. His philosophy on biodynamic farming is that it is a gift we made to ourselves to seek harmony with nature. In the vineyard, in addition to the usual soil treatments/preparations that accompany biodynamic farming, Emanuele is also big on vine pruning and leaf removal to promote air flow and reduce disease.

Grapes are biodynamically farmed and hand harvested.

All wines are fermented spontaneously, unfined and unfiltered. Sulphites: 0 – 30 mg/L max

Azienda Agricola Renato Buganza
Cascina Garbianotto 4
12040 Piobesi d’Alba (CN)