Thomas Niedermayr Sonnrain “99” 2017 Blend


Appellation: Vino Bianco

Grapes: Bronner, Souvignier Gris + Solars

Tasting Notes: Delicate floral aromas of roses meet with herbal spices of lemon balm and nutmeg. The palate is mouth filling with savory notes and a long-lasting crisp finish.

Food Pairing: Tortellini with spinach and ricotta filling, spiced mashed potatoes, light white sauce pasta dishes.

Vineyard: There are two main varieties to this blend: Solaris and PIWI-Pioneer, all planted in 1999. The vines are grown at 1700 ft. above sea level in Eppan Berg, in the mountainous region of South Tyrol. The soil is loamy and calcareous with a high amount of white Dolomite rock. 

Harvest: Picked by hand between August 15 and September 4.

Vinification: Native fermentation with yeasts coming from the vineyards. Matured for 8.5 months in steel, then three months in a 500 liter wooden barrel. Bottled unfiltered in August 2018.

ABV: 14% by Vol.     Serving temperature: 50 F°       Acidity: 5.2 g/l            

Unfined + Unfiltered

Total Sulphites: 45 mg/L