Di Bella Vini


This family winery uses minimally invasive cultivation techniques, ever respectful of the environment, to protect and safeguard the land. Pruning and harvesting are done by hand, avoiding plant stress, and in turn, granting a longer plant life. Fertilization is all organic manure; the vineyard employs the use of “green manure” – growing leguminous plants (e.g., beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.) which provides nitrogen to vines as they are tilled into the soil. Within the vineyard you will find a variety of fruit trees (figs, almonds, apricots, carobs) as well as dwarf fan palm trees.

One of their main vineyards, is located in the countryside around Noto, in a place aptly called “Contrada Buonivini” (Land of Fine Wines). This area is renowned for being one of the best in Sicily for producing great red wines – a land bathed in sun, far from inhabited areas. Here, the vineyards are just a few miles from the sea, 150ft. above the sea level, where both Nero D’Avola and Syrah thrive.


Grapes are organically farmed and hand harvested.

All wines are fermented spontaneously and unfined.


Via Dante 153,
Palermo 90141