Fiore Podere San Biagio Vino Cotto (375ml)

Appellation: Vino Bianco


Varietals: Montepulciano D’Abruzzo + Malvasia


Tasting Notes: Quince and other balsamic notes on the palette. A perfect digestif!


Food Pairing: It is a sweet wine that goes well with cantucci, traditional biscuits or very aged cured meats and cheeses.


Vineyard: 5 ha, organically and biodynamically farmed clay soils 


Harvest: Hand harvest in small crates


Vinification: Boiling of the must, and spontaneous fermentation. Aged Solerain style in chestnut barrels.

The custom of boiling, fermenting the must and aging it dates back to the Picena civilization. Cooked wine was particularly appreciated by the Romans and, later, by popes and princes. In the peasant tradition, cooked wine was used to restore vigor during the most strenuous jobs. But above all it was used to wash babies at birth and then massage them on the arms and legs, to make the limbs become stronger and thus allow the little offspring to walk alone soon. Interesting wines are obtained from Montepulciano and Malvasia, but from the must of these vines, from cooking in the cauldron and fermentation in small barrels, we obtain a product considered by our people to be prodigious. A glass of ‘Cotto’ was good for all ailments. Even today it is used to drink it hot (whether or not flavored with cinnamon and dried figs) as a remedy for the flu.


ABV: 15.5% by Vol.