Revel – Sicily Through the Wine Glass (3 bottles)




According to an ancient Greek myth, the god Dionysus planted the world’s first vineyard in Sicilia. That story isn’t too far off: archeologists believe that Mycenaean traders cultivated grapes here as early as 1500 BC. One of Europe’s most historic areas, Sicilia is a melting pot of ancient wine loving cultures.
In this Revel workshop, we will travel together to Sicilia, visiting 3 unique wine regions and discuss the history, highlights of the area, food, wine (of course!) and learn a little Italian along the way!
We have curated three wines made from indigenous Sicilian varietals for this Revel event:
* Di Bella Vini Catarratto 2017
* Di Bella Vini Rose 2018
* Di Bella Vini Nero d’Avola 2017
You will receive these wines, shipping included, for $125. Be sure to select REVEL shipping option at checkout!