Drinking & Learning – Sicilia (March Series)




Sicilia Drinking & Learning (March Series)
According to an ancient Greek myth, the god Dionysus planted the world’s first vineyard in Sicilia. That story isn’t too far off: archeologists believe that Mycenaean traders cultivated grapes here as early as 1500 BC. One of Europe’s most historic areas, Sicilia is a melting pot of ancient wine loving cultures. In this class, we will discuss the history and geography of the region, explore unique, indigenous grape varietals, identify notable producers and most importantly talk about food! 
The three wines you will receive for this series are:
  • Di Bella Vini Catarratto 2017
  • Di Bella Vini Rose 2018
  • Di Bella Vini Nero d’Avola 2017
The virtual happy hour discussion will take place on Saturday 3/27 at 3:30PM PST (6:30PM EST). 
If you would like to join us for just the discussion, please sign up here
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