our philosophy

Our goal is to highlight small, family-owned producers of natural wines from all over Italy. All of the wines that we offer are natural wines. Natural wines are wines produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, reflective of the place from which they come, made with minimal intervention in the cellar and are totally delicious and crushable!

The natural wine movement includes wine from winemakers that believe in the organic and biodynamic process of viticulture. From healthy soil in the vineyard, to the grapes on the vines, throughout the wine making process and all the way into the bottle, these wines are made without sprays, chemicals, additives or overly technological procedures. The result is a style of winemaking the way it was done thousands of years ago, creating unusual nuance and variation from vintage to vintage.

Find our wines at these awesome places:

    • State Bird Provisions, SF
    • The Progress, SF
    • Anchovy Bar, SF
    • SPQR, SF
    • Inovino, SF
    • Itria, SF
    • La Ciccia, SF
    • Lucinda’s Deli, SF
    • Pink Onion Pizza, SF
    • Vintage Berkeley, Berkeley
    • LoCoco’s, Berkeley
    • Eddy Bar + Bottle, Mill Valley
    • Valley Bar + Bottle, Sonoma
    • Cadet Beer + Wine Bar, Napa
    • Gary’s Wine + Marketplace, St Helena
    • ACME Fine Wines, St Helena
    • Ciao Bruto, Healdsburg

our producers